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Coaching och healing som hjälper dig lita på livet

Life Coach Stockholm och David erbjuder holistisk livscoaching och healing som hjälper dig att hantera livets From relationships, career and stress to overcoming your biggest fears and find meaning.    

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Digital coaching-session över telefon eller video-chat. Du bestämmer!

On your terms

Experience coaching that places your goals and your free will above all else.

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Guidning och healing utefter dina behov


Relationship coaching

Identify and leave unhealthy relationships behind. Learn tools that provide growth for both you and your relationships.

Empowerment coaching


Adopt strategies that boost your level of motivation, performance and overall well-being.


Career & Entrepreneurship

Gain clarity about your life's calling and what steps you can take to get there, or get solid guidance on how to grow your business.

Stress management

Become a master of stress management and turn impulsivity into responsiveness.

Overcome your fears

Identify and overcome your biggest fears that stops your from reaching your absolute fullest potential.

Andlighet och Healing

Establish contact with your subconscious and superconscious mind. Explore the depths within your Self and gain wisdom.


From life crisis to life coaching

My coaching journey started with my fascination with people and psychology. In 2016, I went through a life crisis where all my biggest fears had become a reality. This crisis spurred me to dive deep down my inner world. What was the true cause behind my life situation and state of being?

I began exploring the spiritual world and the metaphysical reality we're all a part of. After a few years of self-studying, workshops, courses and transformative experiences within this infinite ocean of wisdom, I felt a strong calling. A calling to be of service to others.

I also noticed that there was a shortage of practical coaching that goes beyond affirmations and shallow conversations. Moreover, my and my friend's previous experiences of traditional therapy was also a bit of a disappointment.

Därför ville jag erbjuda holistisk livscoaching och healing som till ett bra pris hjälper människor att börja älska livet, oavsett om de bor i Stockholm eller ej. Och så föddes Life Coach Stockholm.

David Christner
Founder & Coach

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Beautiful words from clients

Nöjd klient Johanna

David has truly meant a lot to me, both as a friend and a coach. He helped me when I was amidst a difficult life crisis, and really thought me how to manage my thoughts and feelings. He supported me to face my deepest fears, which I had been escaping from all my life. David has always been there for me when I’ve needed him and he has never judged my when I myself believed I mad a mistake. He made me realize what truly matters in this life, and that is to love yourself and through that, give love to others. Because of this, I now look at life in a completely different way. David’s and Become Loving’s coaching has literally changed my life and for this I am forever grateful. He surely has a heart of gold and is a person I wholeheartedly trust. Thank you for believing in me so that I could find the courage to believe in myself.


Nöjd klient Edward

David is a highly dedicated coach. Right from the start, you will notice his passion for coaching. Not only on the results he help you achieve, but also on the high level of professionalism and respect for integrity that he shows. After a number of session with David, I am convinced that there is hope after all. If more people where like David then the world would truly be a better place. I do strongly recommend David and Life Coach Stockholm!


Nöjd klient Jeanette

David is a genuinely compassionate spirit who, on a deeply emotional plane, are driven by helping his fellow humans achieve physical, social and psychological wellbeing. His passion for helping other people to wellness is rooted in the challenging journey he’s been through himself; a journey that has given him knowledge and wisdom he now wants to share through service to others. David is a hard working coach who puts down a lot of time, heart and soul into the clients he serve. But this requires that you, as a client, are open to his information and guidance, and are willing to commit to the changes that are necessary to transform your state of being. David can equip you with the practical tools needed to live in complete harmony, with self love as the fundament. He helped me see that what we all really long for is a deeper soul connection, with ourselves and others. David has been by my side through moments of sadness, joy, anger and frustration and he has guided me when I had to make very difficult decisions. He and Become Loving will support you with unconditional love throughout your entire journey of transformation.


It was interesting speaking with David and meet a fellow human who understood my fundamental core problems. It was very helpful in my decision making that followed the session. Thank you David!


Start your journey towards loving life

Varje session är 60 minuter lång och genomförs digitalt över telefon eller Google Hangouts. 


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